Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We decided to get some rabbits for the Monson family. A while ago Dad built a rabbit hutch with a friend, and finally we got some inhabitants. The kids are already in love.....

Chaim's Graduation from Pre-School

Today was Chaim's graduation from pre-school. It was held at Ridge Ferry Park and there was lots of singing, a play, and the graduation ceremony. All this was followed by lunch and treats. Mom flew to Little Rock today, so Dad was in charge...he ended up in front of the grill cookin' weenies for all the little kiddies. It was a grand time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pinewood Derby

How could be not post pictures from the Pinewood Derby? Asher always thinks of the best way to paint his car. One year was Spiderman, last year Harry Potter, this year a real race car. We still haven't figured out the trick to make it the fastest, but his cars sure look great! He always gets the awards for the best looking car. Good job Asher!

Chaim's 5th Birthday

Chaim turned 5 on February 18th! He had a fun party with his friends. Some of them even came dressed as pirates.

Field Day at Preschool

The end of the year is almost here. Chaim has enjoyed a fun year at Pre-K and met some new friends. His class especially enjoyed a tug a war between the classes. Chaim tried to miss the egg toss game.

Young Women Visit

McKenna enjoyed a visit from some of the Young Women while she was recuperating. They made her a new pillowcase and baked her a cake. She also received cards and packages from family and friends. All this lifted her spirits! Thanks to all!

McKenna's Surgery

McKenna has endured her knee surgery. She dislocated her knee, tore a tendon and broke her patella. She spent two nights at the hospital. She has a full knee brace and several months of rehabilitation. She is a brave girl! She wanted to make sure the doctor had the correct knee so she decided to send him a message. Brother Wolfer helped put her to sleep and was able to watch her surgery. He gave us all the gross details!

An Evening with the Braves

We always enjoy and evening into Atlanta. We got tickets to the Atlanta Braves game and we had fun doing our Tomahawk Chops! We enjoyed the firework show at the end. We even got our pictures on the jumbo tron in the stadium. Chaim thought we were superstars!

Spring Storms

Watch out for Spring Storms! We spent our evening crammed in our mud room. We could hear the hail pounding on our house, hoping to miss a tornado or two. Our backyard looks like it is floating away. We sent our pictures to the news and we got our picture on their website.

Evening of Dreams

One of the highlights for the band each year is their dinner/dance held each spring. It is quite a popular event where we enjoy an evening of good food and outstanding music! This was McKenna's first year of performing with the Jazz Band. Watch out Louis Armstrong!

High School Musical

McKenna has spent the past several months practicing for the musical. Grandma Madeline, does this East High School logo look authentic? McKenna has enjoyed being in drama and being on stage. She must get that from her Great-Grandma and Grandpa Stover. Too bad she hurt her knee right before one of the performances. Talk about breaking a leg!