Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Disney Studios- Star Wars Day

We had such a great time at Disney Studios. Chaim was the only one brave enough out of all our kids to go on the Tower of Terror. We loved the fact that we planned to go during Star Wars Day. Our niece Abi waited and waited for a chance to be in the Jedi Training Academy. We all cheered when we heard she was one of the kids picked to be in the show. She has been talking about it for months now. We on the other hand got to see some of our favorite characters. This turned out to be a great day for die-hard Star Wars fans like us.

Our wheelchair train to push McKenna around the park.

One of our favorite pictures of the kids with Chewbacca.

Jedi Mickey with Chaim

Our day would not be complete without a picture from a Stormtroper.

One of our favorite pictures of all. She was scary. Chaim and Abi did not seem to be scared, they had smiles on their faces when I took the pictures. She was so mean that most people did not get any pictures. This picture is a classic.

Our own American Idols. Chaim got on the tv screen inside the show. The M.C. interviewed him for the show in the studio. He really thinks he was on American Idol and has been telling everyone about it and who he voted for.

Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral

We had a great day at the Kennedy Space Center. It was Asher's dream to visit Cape Canaveral. We took a tour of the area and saw the Shuttle up on the launch pad. We were anticipating the shuttle launch in two days. Unfortunately the shuttle had a gas leak and the shuttle launch was called off and set for possibly a month later when repairs are made. We hope to get back someday for a shuttle launch. They say there are just 7 launches left.

Disneyworld-Magic Kingdom

What a great day at the Magic Kingdom. Our highlight of the day was dinner at the Crystal Palace. We enjoyed seeing Winnie the Pooh with Tigger there. The kids marched around the tables in a parade. It was so fun to watch our niece Eliza follow Tigger around the restaurant. We have never seen her smile so big.

Grandma and Chaim just watching a parade.

Chaim could not miss a chance to see Captain Hook and Smee.

Who could miss riding the Tea Cups after eating breakfast?

Dave and Justin waiting patiently for a ride.

Even McKenna enjoyed riding Dumbo!

If you want to ride Dumbo you have to run to the ride when it first opens. We were one of the first ones in line and by the time we got off there was a 60 minute wait.

Disneyworld-Animal Kingdom

We had a great day at the Animal Kingdom. It was by far one of the hottest days we were there. We enjoyed any shade or drink we could find. We loved the popsicles that Grandma found us. We loved the Lion King Show, Finding Nemo and the Safari.


Why is Justin sticking his tongue out in all these pictures?

McKenna was the lucky one who got to use a wheelchair around Walt Disney World. Grandpa even decided that a wheelchair was the way to go so he found one for him also.

2 Graduations, Greek Festival, Shrimp Boil and 4 Matching purses

It has been a crazy Summer. In May, I traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas to attend my brother Jake's and my sister-in-law Tori's graduation. It was fun to the family for a few days. We are so proud of them for their accomplishments. We had so much fun in just a few days. We rode the trolley, saw the Peabody Ducks, visited parks and bridges, attended both graduations, attended the Greek Festival, had a fantastic shrimp boil and took plenty of pictures along the way. We even took pictures of us with our matching purses.