Sunday, August 30, 2009

We Actually Saw A Beatle!

Man oh man.... I surprised my husband with an amazing concert to see Paul McCartney at Piedmont Park. I debated days if I should buy the tickets which were $100 a piece. That was the cheap section. The section near the front was $1000. I tried to go back and forth on whether I should spend my last dollar. They were constantly talking about it on the news, on the radio, on tv. I tried to make myself forget about spending the money so I turned the channel to one that wouldn't talk about the concert. I thought The Weather Channel (which is based out of Atlanta) was pretty safe right? I thought I'd check on the weather since we were going to see the Braves that evening. Then, the weather man said well it is great that it is raining here in Atlanta so it can clean out Piedmont Park just in time for the concert of Paul McCartney on Saturday. The Weather Channel? I said all right, all right, WE ARE GOING!!!!!!! It was a message from the heavens I guess. I was trying to stay on budget this month. It was hard to keep the secret from Justin but I managed to pull it off. He had no idea that we were going until about 3 hours before we had to leave. I have seen a lot of concerts and this tops them all! Here are some highlights from the game and the concert.

Can I just say it was a concert of a lifetime. Truly Amazing is Paul McCartney! We were surrounded by 50,000 people all singing Beatles songs. I will never again hear anything quite like it. I have never seen so many people in my life! It poured, I mean poured rain in the middle of Blackbird. What a wonderful moment hearing him sing in the pouring rain with the one I love.

Someone posted this on youtube. This couldn't help to warm your heart. Their day felt like ours.

Highlights from the best concert in a lifetime.

School is Here Again

School is back in again. We had such a fun summer with a trip to Florida. Chaim was excited to start his first day at the big school. Being at school all day isn't much of a change for him. Pre-K is all day too, so this, a full day of Kindergarten wasn't much of a difference except it is at the "Big School". Asher started 5th grade. He lost a couple of good friends to other schools this year but he is determined to find some more real good friends this year. McKenna starts 8th grade this year and she is involved with so many things that I can't keep track of them myself. She is in Chorus, Concert Choir, Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Drama, Beta Club, German Club and Fish (Christian Club). I thought that was enough but she came home and told me that her teacher wants her to try out for the Show Choir and her band teacher suggested that she get some private trumpet lessons. Her band teacher wants her to try out later in the year for the All State Band. I pray that she doesn't try out for anything else this year........ Here are some pictures of the kids.